Divorce is a traumatic experience for everyone involved, especially for the children. This makes it important to quickly come up with a child custody resolution. Hiring a family lawyer needs careful consideration to make sure you find someone who will work in your best interest. However, how will you know if you must hire a family attorney? Below are some situations that call for the services of a great family lawyer:

You or Your Spouse is Planning a Divorce

If you or your spouse is considering a divorce, you must meet a family lawyer from
Ken Phillips to get valuable information. Being able to discover your options early and being proactive will help you prepare for the battle and for potential outcomes.

Establishing Child Custody

If you and your spouse divorces, the separation agreement or divorce decree addresses child custody. Even if you were never married, it is still possible to establish child custody. Minimizing the agreement to writing will accomplish a lot of goals. For instance, it clearly details the agreement to avoid misunderstandings and confusions. Also, it creates a contract that cannot be changed on the whim of one of the parties. Also, it offers your children stability and routine.

Child Support

Usually, income levels differ between two divorcing partners. As divorces are emotionally fraught, any of the parties involved may miss out on opportunities for equitable support. But, you must realize child support agreements will matter for months and years into the future. An experienced lawyer can help you in this situation, making sure you and your children get the proper support.

Property and Wealth Division

After you and your spouse have been together for many years, you have probably acquired different properties such as houses, investments, savings, family heirlooms, and other things. Often, both parties may feel they deserve more than they should have. Attorneys have experience dividing properties in many cases. Also, they have an understanding of the law in terms of ownership and can apply it to your case with care and fairness.

Child Adoption

No matter how desperately you wish to change a child’s life and bring them into your family, there is a legal system to follow. A family attorney will help navigate this process. You might need to give lots of information to various courts and adoption representatives. Because this process can be quite overwhelming, you will want to have a great attorney to help you in every step of the way.